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My first post

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Thank you for coming to read my first "masterpiece" in my brand new blog! 

I just wanted to introduce you to myself, explore briefly what brought me to open my business and what's behind it.

My name is Claudio, I am an Italian guy that has been living in Scotland since 2015; I have been working in hospitality since I was 13, at the beginning as a chef, moving around restaurants and various hotels back in Italy and France, I then moved to Scotland where I decided to change a bit and decided to move to the front of house of the hotel I was working in. Back in hospitality school we learnt all the departments of a hotel, but experiencing them by first hand was the best thing ever, talking to different people every day, resolving problems, becoming supervisor and then becoming manager, probably the best 3 years of my life, difficult but so rewarding. Then our "beloved" Coronavirus arrived, and two months after reaching my goal of becoming manager everything just stopped: all of a sudden all those customers were gone, the hotel went from having 300 people around to barely us team members walking about, we started to clean down everything, a week later we were at home, a shock for everyone, something you would never imagine. The first few weeks were fine, many people thought this was a good time to take a break from work, with the worry that a virus was outside you were actually quite cosy within your four walls, but going from working over 10 hours a day to nothing for a long time is a big jump. I was looking for job advertisements but in the area where I was there wasn't much happening, and travelling over a hour a day and risk to catch the virus wasn't an option for me, so I started reading pages and pages on the government website and informed myself how I could become a sole trader. It was a scary thought but if I was going to be in the house for months I had to do something. Two weeks after planning every single details, I sent my application to HMRC and five days later, that was me becoming my own boss. 

I will talk about my love towards coffee in another post, but briefly speaking, I am Italian, I could be considered a coffee-vampire, so if I was going to open a business it would have been a coffee shop or a coffee roaster. Now, my funds were and are very limited, so a physical shop was not within my options, I always had this idea of an e-commerce business, so I said "why not?". I scraped my savings and started a long research of coffee roasters, some were closed, some were not interested in business (quite strange considering the fact that all coffee shops were closed and I was willing to buy coffee from them), some took weeks to reply to my calls and emails, anyway, nearly ten days later I found what I was looking for, a local family run coffee roaster that was willing to create a signature blend for me and that would allow me to be competitive in this busy market and not sell 250g of coffee at £20 a bag.

My blend was ready, my other coffees were ready, my labels were getting ready, unfolded boxes getting delivered, Royal Mail contracts signed, my girlfriend going crazy at the mess around the house... But this was not something written in black and white anymore, this was a business, a brand, a passion. 

Finally, on the 21st of May 2020, went online and I started sharing my passion for coffee to everyone!

Of course there is a lot more to say, but what's the point of telling the whole story all in once. Hope you enjoyed this wee article! :)