Free delivery within the UK for orders and monthly subscriptions over £10!
Free delivery within the UK for orders and monthly subscriptions over £10!
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Introducing Caffeed's monthly subscriptions. Never run out of your Caffeed's favourites ever again!

What do I get?

You will save time and money with our subscriptions! You will receive unlimited 10% discount on our products plus the commodity of receiving your favourites every month without lifting one finger.

What about the delivery?

The delivery is free as long as you reach the minimum spend of £10. If you don't reach the minimum spend you will be charged for the delivery at our Standard Delivery rate. Please visit for more.

How can I manage my subscription?

Our subscriptions can easily be cancelled without penalty. If you have an account with us you will be able to easily manage your subscription by visiting the "Manage my account" tab. If you don't have an account, after paying for your first subscription you will receive an email with a personal link which will allow you to manage your subscription. You will still receive this email even if you have an account with us.

Can I add or remove products from my subscription?

Of course! By visiting the customer portal, or by following the email instructions, you will be able to fully modify the items you would like on your next shipment, you will be able to change the items as well as the quantity needed.

When does my subscription start?

Your subscription will start from the moment you complete the payment the first time, we will then process the order and send it to you. On the same day of the next month you will be charged for your recurring payment. At the moment we cannot nominate a specific day of the month when you would like to receive the order, but as soon as the function is available we will let you know.

What do I need to do?

-Firstly you will need to visit the product page or the product you would like to purchase.

-Select "Subscribe & Save", select the frequency of the subscription, then select the correct product variant and click on "Add to cart"

-Once you are in your cart you are still able to visit another product and add it to your monthly subscription.

-Open you cart and make sure that the products you have added have the "Monthly subscription" tag, if it says "One-time purchase" the item will be processed separately.

-Then select the quantity you require for each product and then click on "Check Out" when you are ready to proceed.

-Insert your details on the checkout page, once you reach the final screen insert any gift card codes you may have and check the recurring payments.

-Insert your payment details.

-Click on the checkbox to accept the subscription terms.

-Click on "Pay now" and that's you all set to enjoy your Caffeed's favourites!


Can I place an order for products as subscription and one-time purchase at the same time?

You can, although due to our platform restrictions, the "subscribed" products and the "one-time purchase" products will have the delivery fees calculated separately. For example: your subscribed items total is £10 and your one-time purchase items total is £5, you will be charged a standard delivery fee of £2.95 for the one-time purchase as it didn't reach the £10 minimum spend, but the monthly subscription will still enjoy of the free delivery policy. My suggestion is to have a minimum of £10 for both subscribed and one-time purchase products so you can enjoy the free delivery.


I have more questions!

Please send an email to and I will happily help you with your enquiry!